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What is a B-Scan Ultrasound?

A B-scan ultrasound supplies your eye doctor with an image of the retina when he or she is unable to visualize the retina because of blood or other obstructions.

Other conditions, such as a dense cataract or a cloudy cornea can block your eye doctor’s view of the retina.

The B-Scan provides an image of the back of the eye using sound emitted by a special probe such as, a submarine uses sonar sound waves to guide its way through the dark sea.

Using a clear gel probe, placed on the lids of the patient’s closed eye testing is painless lasting less than a minute.

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Procedure Room

One of our procedure rooms and the Sonomed B5500 B-scan/Ultrasound. All exam rooms are equipped with Marco slit lamps with applanation tonometers and Keeler indirect ophthalmoscopes.
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Close-up image of an actual performed B-scan.
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B-scan image of an iris melanoma

This shows a high-resolution B-scan image of an iris melanoma. It delivers high magnification and superior detail of the small structures of the anterior segment.