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Update on Florida Retina Institute Mask Policy for Patients and Staff.
Masks will no longer be universally required by Florida Retina Institute patients and staff; however if you (patient) require for our staff and your physician to wear a mask, we will respectfully adhere to your request and put on a mask during your appointment and visit at our location.
Although the wearing of masks may be optional, specific physicians may still have a mask requirement, which may include interactions in our clinical areas.
Please click to review all mask policy updates on our COVID-19 page

Florida Retina Institute

Founded by James A. Staman, MD in 1979, Florida Retina Institute has 19 locations throughout Central Florida, North Florida, and Southeast Georgia.
We have proudly delivered Excellence in Vitreo-Retinal Diseases and Surgery for over 40 years.

Our Retina Specialists focus on the highest quality patient care and best individual treatment plans, applying the latest advances and most sophisticated methods in vitreoretinal medicine.


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